KCB is back in action!

Written by Matt Montgomery

Matt is the co-founder of Keeping Colorado Beautiful

April 5, 2021

Winter is a tough time for the KCB team. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes scouting vandalized locations, doing administrative duties, and planning for the busy summer season ahead. Our team is itching to get out and restore formations AND IT’S FINALLY HERE!

Why can’t you do removals in the winter?

It’s cold – that’s the gist of it. Unfortunately, the cold weather is not friendly for restoring formations from graffiti. The cold air makes it extremely difficult for our organic solvent to penetrate graffiti. We performed some tests trying to come up with a good cold weather solution to no avail.

What does the busy season look like?

It’s going to be a grind and we can’t wait. Our Facebook community and partners have done a great job keeping our team apprised of vandalized locations to add to our list for restoration. A tough reality is we have to go back and re-restore areas that have been tagged again during the down season.

Case in point – Point Sublime

The iconic Point Sublime, located near pull-off #8 on Gold Camp Rd. in Colorado Springs, was our biggest and most challenging restoration of 2020. It was extremely satisfying to restore this location after 8 years of consistent graffiti and noble cover-up attempts by the City of COS. Unfortunately, it was hit again and we’re going to continue to restore again and again until these vandals give up.

Point Sublime before and after our initial restoration in 2020

Point Sublime hit again during our down season

It is what it is. Like we said, we won’t give up. We look forward to getting back out there and sharing our restorations as we go.

Before you leave – take a minute to watch the video below

We’re proud partners of Care for Colorado, spearheaded by The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and the Colorado Tourism Office. For the month of April, we’re focused on an important message of Trashing the Trash. We spend way too much time filling trash bags when we need to be focused on restoring natural rock formations. We know our supporters know better than to litter our beautiful state, but we encourage all of you to pick other people’s trash while you’re out enjoying nature.

This video is courtesy of Care for Colorado

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