KCB Does Colorado Right, Do you?

Do Colorado Right

Written by Matt Montgomery

Matt is the co-founder of Keeping Colorado Beautiful

February 15, 2021

KCB Does Colorado Right, Do you?

We know, we know…how dare we question your love for our beautiful state, right? Keeping Colorado Beautiful was founded from a love of adventure. We were tired of seeing our state’s second string deviants spray painting our natural resources, so we did something about it. We know you support KCB because you love the outdoors just as much as we do and rep Colorado in the best ways.

I mean, no one reps Colorado quite like our very own Jay Briggs, but you can damn sure try…

Jay Briggs

The best way to rep Colorado this winter

Besides by wearing your mask to protect the more vulnerable in our community (because Covid sucks), you can step up your Winter Backcountry Safety. Lame right? NOT. We need all of you that rep Colorado the hardest by tromping around the backcountry to make it back safely so you can help us restore our natural resources.

So please pay attention. This is what you can do

Take the Backcountry Pledge. Seriously. Click the image below and do it. It’s just a review of things you can do to stay safe before you go and while you’re there. Then Name, Email, PLEDGE. Done.

Colorado Backcountry Winter Safety Pledge | Keeping Colorado Beautiful

Why are you continuing to read down here? GO TAKE THE PLEDGE. (and then volunteer to put those Colorado hands to good use!)

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help restore colorado’s natural formations







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