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Our Story

Keeping Colorado Beautiful was born from two avid outdoorsmen, Stephen Singer and Matt Montgomery, who were frustrated seeing vandalized natural formations on their frequent outdoor adventures.

Frustration quickly turned to action as Stephen Singer set out to learn sustainable graffiti removal techniques without damaging the formations or the surrounding environment. Numerous test-removals paved the path to a wildly successful removal process that restores vandalized rock formations to their natural beauty. Stephen taught Matt the process and the small team went to work.

A Facebook group was made shortly after to share their work with the community of Colorado and it was clear their mission struck a chord. Thousands of Coloradans showed their support with their hearts, hands, and wallets in just a short few months. The initial goal was to empower and inspire the community to learn restoration techniques, report vandalized areas, and organize removals of their own.

A short time later, the momentum and growth of Keeping Colorado Beautiful were beyond all expectations. The group pivoted to become an official 501c(3) Non-Profit to legitimize operations and maximize impact.

The KCB Team has grown to include an incredible Board comprised of big hearts and incredible talent.

We are humbled and grateful that our community can rally together and continue to restore our natural resources to their original beauty.


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Stephen Singer
Matt Montgomery
Jeani Brenner
Jay Briggs
Josh Johnson

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